Our Services

combinecompProhort Management, a rural advisory business that provides an economically sustainable perspective.

 Prohort Management specialises in sustainable integrated water infrastructure, water management, water resource evaluation, project development, GIS mapping and survey, intensive and broad acre irrigated production, management and economic evaluations.

Annual tasks from assessing irrigation system performance, setting seasonal financial and water budgets, seasonal management assessment, analysis key performance measures and identifying and analysing business opportunities are provided by Prohort Management to it clients.

Prohort has been involved within Queensland, Victoria, NSW and South Australia from on farm to regional policy.

Our services include:

  • Business plan development;
  • Project evaluation and development;
  • Project and farm management;
  • Agronomic management;
  • Irrigation project development and management; wlp 011
  • Water resource management;
  • Irrigated agricultural project economic evaluation;
  • Technical expertise relating to sustainable water use;
  • Technical aspects of crop water management.
  • Irrigation and Drainage Management Plans;
  • Site evaluation for irrigation suitability;
  • Water infrastructure and irrigation system design;
  • Tender documentation for water infrastructure and irrigation system development;
  • Water infrastructure and irrigation system site development including site survey and evaluations;
  • Water infrastructure and irrigation system development supervision;
  • Water infrastructure and irrigation system audits;
  • Survey, GIS mapping and GIS data analysis;
  • Water trading and water licence management.

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