About Prohort

prohort water managementProhort Management which was established as JPG Prohort Consulting in 1996 by it’s principals Paul Geurtsen and Brian Mills in Central West NSW. Since 2002 the business has operated as prohort.com.au Pty Ltd and traded as Prohort Management. The business holds offices in Brisbane, Wellington (NSW) and Wagga Wagga.

The principal Paul Geurtsen has extensive experience in water resource, mapping, management and development. Paul has been involved within the irrigation industry in Queensland, Victoria and NSW from policy, through to on farm management, project development and sustainable water management.   Prior to operating his own business he gained valued experience in the commercial water sector with private development businesses and the Victorian Rural Water Commission / Corporation.  Over this time he has been responsible for water policy implementation, customer reviews, irrigator communications, site assessments, mapping, water technology, economic evaluation and project development and management. This provided an ideal balance between the private and government water sectors.

Prohort Management is a rurally located business that focuses upon rural clients to provide sustainable services, management and advise. As a small integrated business Prohort specialising in providing professional advice via a combination of it’s own staff and range of professional associates.

By having established  close professional association with various specialists in their fields such as Ecology, Soils, Engineering, GIS, Drafting, Economics, Finance and Management Accounting allows Prohort to provide the most cost effective overall results for our clients. A network of key associates ensure you receive the best advice from specialists in their fields.

Small businesses working together delivers the biggest results at the highest standards.

Prohort Management is focused upon personalised holistic outcomes.  All mapping, management and advice si provided from a complete technical and economic perspective.  Prohort services individual irrigators, corporate businesses, government agencies, municipalities and a range of investment projects. Experienced with a successful track record servicing clients from North Queensland to South Australia.

Irrigation CaptureProhort Management specialises in sustainable integrated water infrastructure, water management, water resource evaluation, project development, intensive and broad acre irrigated production, management and economic evaluations. Specific technical irrigated crop management and water use for a range of tree crops, and vegetables under field conditions and protective structure production systems.

Annual tasks from assessing irrigation system performance, setting seasonal financial and water budgets, seasonal management assessment, analysis key performance measures and identifying and analysing business opportunities are provided by Prohort Management to it clients.

Prohort Management provides ongoing services to irrigated Projects where it  completes economic analysis, establishes development plans and budgets, identifies sustainable agronomic management, assesses technical approaches, site evaluations, organises and supervise development activities include sourcing and costing components.

Project and Business Planning and Management from a team working for you.

A complete Scientific, Engineering and Economic perspective.