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  • riverview

    Water trading and water licence management

  • pipes

    Irrigation and drainage management

  • Farm Planning

    Farm planning for new crop production

  • Farm Irrigation

    Technical aspects of on farm irrigation design

  • Latest Project

    Strategic business and project planning


Strategic business and project planning is paramount to success. Select a small business that focuses on your requirements and ensures a valued outcome.

Water Control

A resource that all life depends upon. We provide all your water resource services from planning, management, mapping to engineering.


Experienced and specializing in sustainable integrated management, project development, economic evaluations, data analysis and mapping.

Big things grow from a simple seed!

Prohort Management focuses upon personalised holistic advice, specialising in key directional decision making based on both economic and technical grounds.

A network of key associates are utilised to ensure you receive the best advice from specialists in their fields. Small businesses working together deliver the biggest results at the highest standards

A successful track record in water infrastructure, water resource evaluation, intensive and broad acre irrigation development and management, irrigated production and production management .

A complete scientific, engineering and economic perspective is provided.

Special Expertise

  • Project evaluation, development and management;
  • Irrigation and Water project development and management;
  • Water resource management;
  • Irrigated agricultural project resources and economic evaluation;
  • Agricultural enterprise budgeting and economic assessment;
  • Agronomic expertise relating to irrigated agricultural production;
  • Technical expertise relating to sustainable water use and production

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